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Gut Health Tests

A range of tests are available to investigate the causes of your symptoms.

Please note that we are only able to provide tests to those under our care.
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Testing Considerations

We understand there can be lots of questions about gut testing but for most of our patients, no testing is required.

In some cases, certain tests depend on factors such as the clinical presentation of symptoms, the approaches that have been tried until this point and if there was an initial event (such as food poisoning) that triggered symptoms.

These tests can be grouped into 3 sections.

Please note that we are only able to provide tests to those under our care.
To learn more about our consultation support process click here.

Gut Microbiome Tests

The 2 main microbiome tests are a SIBO breath test and a microbiome analysis. These can assess the microbial balance of the small and large intestines.

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Immunological Tests

Immune reactions to foods may contribute to symptoms. Additional tests for leaky gut and small intestinal autoimmunity may also be considered.

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Further Tests

Further testing may be considered to assess exposure to environmental factors such as mycotoxins and harmful chemicals.

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IBS Diagnosis
Microbiome Tests

SIBO Breath Tests

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is the presence of an increased level of microorganisms in the small intestine. Research indicates that up to 78% of those with IBS, test positive for SIBO.

A SIBO breath test helps us to understand the level of these organisms in the gut via the amount of hydrogen and methane gas produced which can guide treatment.

This test can also provide information about levels of methane in the large intestine. Elevated levels of methane in this area is described as IMO (intestinal methane overgrowth) and can contribute to constipation.

Price: £150
Breath sample
2 day turnaround time
Estimated turnaround times. Lactulose and glucose tests are available.
ibs ibd
Microbiome Tests

Microbiome Analysis

A microbiome analysis is a stool test that assesses the levels of bacteria, yeast, worms and parasites in the gut. Further assessments within this test measure inflammation, immune response and the production of digestive enzymes.

This test can be helpful for those with digestive health issues such as IBS and inflammatory bowel conditions (Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis).

Additionally, understanding the balance of the gut microbiome in other conditions such as eczema, autoimmune conditions and hormonal issues can provide useful information for treatment.

Prices from: £268
Stool sample
15-day turnaround time
Estimated turnaround times.

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Immunological Tests

Immune Response

Activation of the immune system along the gut lining can contribute to changes in digestive function. This can lead to many of the symptoms seen in digestive conditions such as IBS and SIBO.

A range of tests can be considered by your practitioner to assess for various factors that may contribute to immune dysregulation.

These tests can assess for reactivity to foods as well as the response along the gut lining via assessments for leaky gut and small intestinal autoimmunity.

Prices: POA
Blood sample
Turnaround times vary
Cyrex Food Reactivity Test
Sample report
P88 IgE Food Reactivity Test
Sample report
Additional Tests

Further Considerations

In most cases, these tests are not required. However, in certain circumstances, further tests can be considered based on health history and symptom presentation.

These tests can investigate exposure to environmental toxins such as mycotoxins (mould toxins) as well as exposure to chemicals and toxic metals.

Prices: POA
Blood and urine samples
Various turnaround times
Cyrex Chemical Reactivity Test
Sample report
Mycotoxin Test Results
Sample report

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