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Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition evaluations, personalised programmes and ongoing support.


Digestive Conditions

Common conditions we help with: IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and more.


Dietary Support

Specific diets to support the root cause of your digestive symptoms.


Holistic Digestive Healthcare

Helping resolve digestive problems such as IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation, bloating and more.

Dietary Support

Specific dietary recommendations for you and your symptoms.

Natural Supplements

Personalised supplement protocols to address the root cause of your symptoms.

Clinical Testing

Understand what might be causing your symptoms with gut health tests.

One-to-one Support

Healing isn't always a straightforward path. That's why we offer ongoing support to get you feeling great again.

Online Consultations

Easy to access consultations from your own computer.

Root Cause Resolution

Address the root cause and discover change that lasts.

Addressing the Root Cause

We strive to get patients well, quickly and cost effectively.

Many of the people that seek our help have had many tests carried out through the NHS only to be told everything is fine. Others have been working on their digestive health for months if not years.

Our approach is to dive deeper into the root cause of the issues to resolve symptoms. We do this in a way to help you feel supported and cared for throughout the entire process.



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1. Free Consultation

The free 15-minute consultation serves as an initial symptoms assessment.

2. Initial Consultation

A deep dive into your symptoms, health history, current diet, and much more, to create your programme.

3. Follow-up Support

Follow-up support to ensure you get to where you want to be.

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