Registered Nutritional Therapy

Personalised holistic health care and support for chronic digestive conditions

Helping resolve digestive problems such as IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation, bloating and more.


Instead of suppressing symptoms with medication or dodging trigger foods, we want to help you address the root cause and to live symptom-free.


What you are experiencing

Root Causes

The underlying imbalances that are causing your symptoms

Symptoms & Diagnoses

These may describe how you're feeling but they don't tell us what's behind these labels.


Bloating can happen quickly after eating a meal or gradually build throughout the day.


The symptoms of IBS can include bloating as well as pain and changes in bowel patterns.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD may have a clearer understanding than IBS but additional key strategies can be used to support the foundational imbalances that lead to symptoms.

Chronic Symptoms

Heartburn, constipation and loose stools may be present for a number of years without the root cause being addressed.

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Common Root Causes

Root causes are the underlying imbalances that may be causing symptoms.


Imbalances in gut bacteria can result from a long-term low fibre diet, medications and food poisoning.


Changes in bacteria can lead to inflammation and inflammation can lead to bacterial changes, creating a vicious cycle. Additionally, food poisoning and viral gastroenteritis can both lead to persistent low-grade inflammation.

Immune Dysregulation

The digestive lining is home to the largest concentration of immune cells. Changes in the immune response may lead to an increased reaction to food.

Other Causes

These include hormonal imbalances, abdominal adhesions, nutrient deficiencies and the use of medications.

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How We Address the Root Issues

Depending on your symptoms, test results and root cause, there are many approaches that can be considered.


While the aim is to have your diet as unrestricted and as stress-free as possible, specific dietary changes can be helpful to support the balance of beneficial bacteria and anti-inflammatory processes in the digestive system.


Specific strains of beneficial bacteria can be helpful at supporting the balance of the gut microbiome. While there are many types of probiotics on the market, we use the specific strain of bacteria with the research behind it to address the underlying issue.


These are specific fibres that feed key species of beneficial gut bacteria. In many cases, if the growth of these key species is promoted they can balance and support the gastric environment.

Additional Supplements

A range of other supplements can be used to support and modulate the balance of bacteria, inflammatory processes and the immune system along the gut lining.

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