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IBS & Gut Health Consultations

Natural, personalised and effective support for IBS and gut health.

SIBO Nutritionist

Comprehensive Digestive & Gut Health Support

Registered Nutritional Therapists

Personalised support and guidance from a dedicated Nutritional Therapist. Your practitioner will specialise in your symptoms and condition.

Crohn's Disease Diet

Personalised Dietary Support

Personalised dietary support and meal plans to guide you through the support process. From symptom management to maintaining long-term gut health.

Doctor Prescribing Antibiotics

Evidence-based Supplements

Evidence-based supplements to address the underlying factors that may be contributing to your gut symptoms.

IBS and Gut Health Tests

While the majority under our care do not require any tests, certain tests can be considered to assess and investigate possible underlying factors that may be contributing to symptoms. 

Regular Support and Guidance

Regular consultations and support sessions are scheduled throughout the consultation process. This allows your symptoms to be assessed, and progress monitored which helps us to keep all of the information in your treatment plan up to date.

IBS Nutritionist

Personalised Health Plan

A dedicated gut health practitioner will create a personalised plan for you to follow between appointments. All of these recommendations will be discussed during the consultations. Your practitioner will specialise in your condition.

The Support Process

Support is structured into a 3 consultation support program.

This allows for you to receive regular support, monitoring and guidance.

Initial consultation

An initial assessment of 90 minutes, during which we will review your symptoms, health history and a range of other factors that have the potential to impact your gut health.

From this information, we create your health plan.

Your health plan

The recommendations in your personalised health plan for you and your gut health will cover four elements:

  • Dietary support (meal plans and food guides)
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Testing recommendations
  • Lifestyle support

Follow-up consultations

Two x 45-minute follow-up consultations are included to monitor your progress and navigate any challenges. These are scheduled every 4-6 weeks.

During these consultations, your practitioner will monitor your progress, review the results of any tests, and update your health plan.

Additional recommendations

Based on your case, supplements and testing may be suggested. Your practitioner will discuss these recommendations with you in detail during your consultations.

All of our clients have individual requirements. This means that the costs of supplements and tests are outside of the support block fee.

Gut Health Support Program

These 3 consultation programs are designed to:
Stay in regular contact with your practitioner
Monitor your symptoms and your response
Make necessary adjustments to your health plan
Make sure you feel supported
Help you to improve your gut health quickly
Answer questions along the way

Your investment: £595 for our 3 consultation program

*Interest-free payment plans available. Click here for details.

Payment plans are payable over 8 weeks at no extra cost and can be selected when scheduling via the booking page.

The payment schedule is:
  • Payment 1 – 50% (£297.50) – paid upon booking.
  • Payment 2 – 25% (£148.75) – paid 4 weeks after booking.
  • Payment 3 – 25% (£148.75) – paid 8 weeks after booking.
Foods and meal plan for SIBO

What to expect during your first consultation

Ahead of your first appointment, we send you a 3-day food diary and an intake form to complete. This provides foundational information ahead of the first consultation.

During your first appointment you can expect;

  • An in-depth symptom assessment discussing symptoms, their frequency and any known triggers.
  • A thorough health history, reviewing any factors present when symptoms first started. This can include infections, food poisoning and stressful life events.
  • Our opinion and clear explanation regarding what may be causing your symptoms.
  • A clear explanation of the treatment approach we would recommend and the reasons why.

Following your appointment you will receive a concise treatment plan containing all of the elements discussed during your consultation.

Martin Cohen Dip CNM, mBANT, mCNHC
Registered Nutritional Therapist

What are Gut Health Support Programs?

Support is offered as a 3 consultation program.

Learn more in this video.

Nutritional Therapist & Gut Health Specialist

Martin Cohen


Having graduated from The College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2015, Martin founded The IBS & Gut Health Clinic. This was born from the understanding that many people with digestive issues have not received the care they require through other avenues.

His passion is to address the underlying reasons for digestive complaints and to help his clients reach a symptom-free life.

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