Nutrition Consultations

The IBS & Gut Health Clinic are now accepting new patients, both in person or via our virtual clinic via video call.

Holistic Digestive Healthcare

Dietary Support

Specific dietary recommendations for you and your symptoms.

Natural Supplements

Appropriate and personalised supplement protocols for each step of your journey.

Clinical Testing

Understand what might be causing your symptoms with gut health tests.

One-to-one Support

Healing isn't always a straightforward path. That's why I offer ongoing support to get you feeling great again.

Online Consultations

Easy to access consultations from your own computer.

Root Cause Resolution

Address the root cause and discover change that lasts.

The Gut Health Support Blocks

Prices from £595

Payment plans available

The Gut Health Support Block

Consultation blocks allow us to support you in the most appropriate way.

These include:

1 x 90-minute initial consultation

A deep dive into your health history, current symptoms, diet and much more to create your personalised program.

2 x 45-minute follow-up consultations

With regulgar contact these follow-up consultations allow us to review and monitor your progress to keep your health plan up to date.

health plan

From your initial consultation, you will receive a personalised health plan. This includes specific dietary and lifestyle advice.


Your health plan will also include suggestions for supplements and if required, recommendations for further testing.

What are Gut Health
Support Blocks?

Our consultations are offered in support blocks.
Learn more in this video.

Our IBS & Gut Health Practitioners

Martin Cohen

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Clinic Director

Martin can support you with:

  • Bloating/IBS/Post-infectious IBS
  • SIBO
  • IBD (such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis)
  • Chronic symptoms (such as constipation and heartburn)

Sophia Millar

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Sophia can support you with:

  • Hormone imbalances (such as endometriosis, PMS & PCOS)
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • IBS/Bloating/SIBO/Reflux
  • Food sensitivities

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