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Gut Health Supplements

What are supplements and how can they help?

Ulcerative Colitis
The IBS & Gut Health Clinic

What are supplements?

Instead of using medications to dull down symptoms, we work to bring the gut back into balance using evidence-based supplements.

By doing this our aim is for you not to need to take supplements long-term.


These are beneficial bacteria in capsules that support gut health. A specific type of probiotic can be recommended depending on your case.


Gut-friendly fibres to support the balance of the gut microbiome. Appropriate options will be considered by your practitioner.

Herbal medicine

Research has founded herbs to be helpful in supporting gut health. These can help to balance the gut microbiome as well as reduce the sensitivity of the gut lining.

Gut lining support

Changes in the gut can lead to irritation or inflammation along the gut lining. This is a key area that we consider based on your case.

How do supplements work?

Selecting supplements is based on our understanding of how they work inside the gut.

Their action is generally in 1 of 4 ways.
Gut bacteria

Imbalances or overgrowths in gut bacteria or funguses can contribute to symptoms. Supplements can help to balance these organisms.


Changes in levels of inflammation in the gut can contribute to the ongoing nature of symptoms. This can be targetted with supplements.

Gut healing

To support the health and healing of the gut, specific supplements can be used to support cell regeneration along the gut lining.

Nerve function

Supplements can reduce the sensitivity of nerves in the gut to improve symptoms of pain and reduce muscle cramping.

Meet the team

Our team of Registered Nutritional Therapists & Gut Health Practitioners

Martin Cohen

Registered Nutritional Therapist, Clinic Director

Sophia Millar

Registered Nutritional Therapist

What conditions are supplements helpful for?

Supplements have been researched into a wide range of gut and digestive conditions. Each condition requires different supplements to be considered to target the underlying issues in the gut.

The conditions that supplements can help with include:
Ulcerative Colitis

Supplement brands that we trust

Do supplements need to be taken forever?

Supplements are often part of our gut support process as they can help to address underlying imbalances in the digestive system.

Towards the end of the consultation process, a maintenance plan is created for you.

This focuses on 2 main areas:
Diet & lifestyle

Long-term dietary patterns and lifestyle factors are important areas for maintaining a healthy gut. Specific guidelines are provided for these areas.


Within the gut health maintenance plan, we often suggest key supplements be taken for a further 2 months. However, they can be taken indefinitely for extra support.

In-person and online consultations available

In-person consultations

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Online consultations

Available through easy-to-access and secure Zoom calls.

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