Nutrition Consultations

The IBS & Gut Health Clinic are now accepting new patients, both locally and distance. Patients can be seen in person or via our virtual clinic via Zoom or Skype.

What is the Process?

Step 1

Free Consultation

Duration: 15-minutes
Fee: Complimentary

This preliminary assessment is an opportunity for our clinic to get to know you and make sure this is the right approach to help you take back control of your digestive health.

We want your clinic experience to be successful.

Step 2

Initial Consultation

Following your initial assessment, your first consultation is scheduled.

  • Initial consultation duration: 90-minutes

What's Included?

Initial Consultation

During your Initial Consultation, we will review:

    • Your health and medical history
    • Your diet and lifestyle
    • The history, onset and key characteristics of your illness
    • Medications and supplements
    • What has been tried up until this point

The goal here is to really get to know you and what specific root cause is leading to your condition.

Initial Health Protocol

From your first consultation you will receive:

  • As explanation into what we think is causing your health ailment
  • Explain what testing should be performed for diagnosis and/or to help rule out suspected conditions.
  • A therapeutic diet tailored to you
  • A personalised lifestyle plan
  • Your initial treatment program

Tomato, Apple, Vegetable

Step 3

Follow-up Support

Follow up to support to help you navigate any challanges and make sure you reach your health goals.  These are typically held every 3-4 weeks.

  • Follow-up consultation duration: 45-minutes

What's Included?

Follow-up Consultations

During follow-up consultations we will:
  • Monitor your response to treatment
  • Explain any new lab findings
  • Adjust treatment based upon laboratory findings and your level of responsiveness
  • Order any follow-up testing needed as treatment progress
  • Work to improve your health as soon as possible

Why people choose us?

We strive to get patients well, quickly and cost effectively. Many of the people that seek our help have had many tests carried out through the NHS only to be told everything is fine. Others have been working on their digestive health for months if not years.

Our approach is to dive deeper into the root cause of the issues to resolve symptoms. We do this in a way to help you feel supported and cared for throughout the entire process.

View our numerous testimonials where you will likely find several people with your exact complaints we have helped.

Offering a Partnership

Since the process is dynamic and gut issues may respond quickly to the changes, regular contact and feedback sessions are often best.

This allows us to keep all the recommendations relevant and our approach up to date.

It also prevents you from remaining on a specific stage of treatment for a prolonged period of time when you’re ready for the next step in the process.

The aim of this is to support you as well as possible and to help you feel better, quicker.

Feel like yourself again
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